Thursday, September 2, 2010

8/31/10 NXT finale

It was indeed miles better than the previous nights Raw. The right person won NXT Season 2, Kaval. He isn't lying about being a 13 year veteran he has slaved in the indies for quite some time. I especially love how he said that he wrestled Eddie Guerrero. For those who didn't know Kaval wrestled as Low-Ki in Ring of Honor, it is the same place where eddie returned to the wrestling business after hes dismissal from WWE, and its during the period where he finally got himself clean. It seems like just yesterday that I found out about Kaval by less than a meaningful way.   Starts at 6:16

Otherwise, The rest of the show was Moderate, the 3-way match between Kaval, Alex Riley and Michael Mcgillacutty was well done. The right person won that match and the right person ate the pin fall it, rarely good Booking is seen now in days in the wrestling industry. Then we we're introduced to the NXT season 3 rookies. It will be all divas and only have 6 divas to choose from. The show will last 4-5 weeks due to Smackdown moving to SyFy next month. The 4 of the girls were cookie cutter divas thats we've seen before, fairly petite woman, whom all of which have modeling back grounds. It does seems to be a Boob Job is standards for Woman Wrestling on WWE and TNA. Then there is this woman...

This woman is billed as aloisia and will be Pro'd by Vickie Guerrero (Two Guerrero references in one blog, all right!) She is a 6 foot 9 inch Giantess. If she indeed wins NXT she will be the 3rd tallest WWE superstar on roster today and will put her close top 10 tallest of all time. She stands eye level with Undertaker and Kane, and is just short of Big Show and Great Khali. I Wouldn't put it pass Vince if he put some heals on her to try to get her an even 7 feet.

Then we had the finale and we got to see exactly why some of these Rookies were since home, the Brawl at the end of the show was full of the worst that I don't doubt will be the center piece of the next botchamania. Titus O'Neil Lucky Cannon and Eli Cottonwood inexperience in the ring was shown, BIG TIME. Titus O'Neil completely no selling offense from MVP a was down right insult to the business and to MVP. MVP must of had the same feeling when he dumped Titus's no selling ass out of the ring, Eli Cottonwood is 7 foot tall and yet I didn't notice him, if your a giant I damn well better notice you're in the ring or you're doing it wrong. Then Lucky Cannon with his "Finisher" which I don't even know what to call it, Fireman's carry...fuck up..Slam..I don't know but it looked bad. It looked like he picked Kaval up to sit him on his feet and failed. I hope these guys don't join the Nexus or form their versus of Nexus on Smackdown cause these guys are no where as polished as the original set of NXT rookies with only ruling out Otunga, But at least he can cut a promo. I hope Kaval has continued success and that him and Danielson have a 20 minute long spotfest at Wrestlemania, cause I'll be there.