Saturday, August 28, 2010

Falling Science

I think TNA Booking is taking the correct steps needed to fix themselves. They Have built this new "Arc" Seemly around the TNA orginals being the Heels or the "Bad Guys" and all the previously Hired WWE Employees the faces. How this works and plays good to Smarks, is the fact we are sick and tired of seeing Older talent being shoved down their throats and ours. This allows them to begin showing true hatred for Hogan, Bischoff, Carter, Hardy and the "EV.2" guys. Now they ca be on TV and be in a constant state of Worked Shoot. They hate these older guys and we know they hate these olders guys. So when they actually do this on TV it looks and feels real and brings as to have a feeling not felt since CM Punk and Jeff Hardys fued last summer.

No Real Science Here and thanks for following me

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  1. Nothing beats UFC.