Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday night Raw

Tonight was the 900th episode of Raw, and it was near one of the worst of all time. The Show started with something that should have came and gone 5 months ago bret hart. Here we have a man who can't ever wrestle again for real ever again eating up promo time that could have been saved for Cena, Miz or save that time to let RAW wrestlers have a match. The 15 minutes was them pissing on young raw superstars. and 2 of the 3 men involved at the start were smackdown talent. Brand extension! either kill it, obey it, or make it when they cross brands it means something. Not to have in total 8 Smackdown superstars Eat up match time with promos. Then the one match that could have done something was painfully short. The 3-way tag match was way to short, the tag team match later in the night to decide a Number 1 contender when to no contest in under 2 minutes and the Divas match was only 30 seconds, and last but not least Swagger and Borne had 5 minutes which half was in the background for alberto del rio promo time. WWE your last "Landmark" episode had a cage match with a title change, this episode barely had a main event. I dont think I would be wrong in saying you have less than 25 minutes of wrestling in 100 minutes of programming, a quarter of your programming being filler is TNA level bullshit. Lord I hope NXT is better tomorrow.


  1. I never really got into wrestling but i did watch it sometimes & played all the games on the ps1 & just the other night I watched TNA & it was some of the worst, most ridiculous shit I think I have ever watched, besides bold & the beautiful. Anyway, hit me up bro.

  2. i love wrestling! loved it for years now!

  3. I watched wrestling when I was young but not anymore.